Where can I find a TMJ Dentist in Peoria?

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On either side of your head, directly below your ears, is a complex system of muscles and joints that are responsible for opening and closing your jaw and moving your lower jaw from side to side. This joint, which is known as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), plays an important role in your ability to chew, swallow and speak. Any problem that causes pain or inhibits the motion of this joint is referred to as a TMJ disorder. If you are experiencing stiffness, popping, clicking or pain when you open or close your mouth, you may have a TMJ disorder. As a skilled and experienced provider of care, our TMJ dentist Peoria can assess your condition and recommend an appropriate course of care.

If you suffer from a TMJ disorder, you may experience frequent headaches, facial pain and earaches. Symptoms of this condition can also manifest themselves in other ways. For all these reasons, it is important to visit a TMJ dentist Peoria for a complete assessment and care. Our dentist will check for clicking, popping, tenderness and difficulty moving your jaw, and perform a comprehensive examination to rule out other possible reasons for your symptoms. TMJ disorder can be attributed to a variety of causes, including arthritis, injury, malocclusions or bite discrepancies, and teeth grinding. Teeth grinding is not only a cause of TMJ disorder, but can exacerbate the condition if it already exists. Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, can also damage and wear down your teeth.  To treat many TMJ related disorders caused by bruxism, a custom fitted night guard can be worn to help prevent teeth grinding, thereby alleviating pressure on the temporomandibular joint. After conducting a comprehensive examination of your face and jaws, our dentist will determine the precise, underlying cause of your TMJ jaw-joint disorder. Depending on the source of your TMJ pain, we will recommend the appropriate treatment as indicated.

At the office of Thomas Boyd DDS, our goal is to improve your oral health and overall wellbeing. As your TMJ dentist Peoria, we provide compassionate and skilled care to treat the symptoms of jaw-joint disorders. To learn more and to schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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